Grand Opening Week Starts April 15


2176 Bandywood Drive, Suite 105 Nashville, TN 37215

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What Makes Us Different?

Pepper Boxing is a guided workout that utilizes our unique teardrop-style heavy bags to deliver the finest group workout in Nashville. We pair high-energy music with elements of interval training and body weight exercises that promise an invigorating, full-body workout. Because our layout is in a circle, our athletes will never lose sight of the instructor or their guidance.


We combine basic boxing technique with advancing progression such as footwork, sequences and fight tested combinations. We know you do not want to do the same, repetitive workout every session. Try our private coaching to learn the double end bag, speed bag and focus mitts. We even offer sparring to our top athletes. 

*Note: Our classes and private training are always non-contact. 

Circle Layout

All classes use aqua, tear-drop shaped bags in a circle layout. This format allows for direct feedback from your instructor and individual attention when you need it.  

Aqua Bags

No other group boxing club in Tennessee uses Aqua Training Bags. They provide more natural energy absorpsion and protect your joints so that you can train longer. 

Get Your Discount Package

For a limited time, you can get started with Pepper at a reduced rate. Don't miss this one-time, introductory offer! All class credits are 20% off until May 1. 

Meet Our Team

Most of our team have real fighting experience. Can the other guys say that? 

The Classes 

Our 50-Minute Class will comprise of a light warmup, shadow boxing, heavy bag combinations and bodyweight exercises between rounds. Each round is 3 minutes with a 1 minute “rest”. Leave some energy for abs at the end of class. All movements are paired with high-energy music that inspires and motivates. A dimly-lit studio environment promotes focus within one's own personal space. Because our coaches conduct the classes in the center of our circular bag layout, the participant will always have “eyes” on their coach.