About Us

What is Pepper Boxing?

Pepper Boxing is a guided workout that utilizes our unique teardrop style heavy bags to deliver the finest group workout in Nashville. We pair high-energy music with elements of interval training and weighted bar exercises that promise an invigorating full body workout. Because our layout is in a circle, our athletes will never lose sight of the instructor or their guidance.

Our Approach


Boxers “Pepper” a bag to prepare themselves physically and mentally for a match. This movement is a means of increasing cardiovascular output, conditioning the body while finding rhythm and perfecting technique.

An old school vibe paired with modern day training methods, Pepper Boxing is the new industry leader for the ever evolving group fitness experience. By reimagining a boxer’s training ritual, we’ve created a full-body workout incorporating high-intensity rounds of shadowboxing, heavy bag work and weighted bar exercises.

Pepper Boxing is a 50 minute workout to both lose and find yourself.

Our Workout


Our signature 50 min group class combines weighted bar exercises (variations of plyometric/metabolic work), shadowboxing (no contact) and heavy bag combinations (with our unique tear drop style bags) with intense training intervals led by professional instructors. All movements are paired with high-energy music that inspires and motivates; always without fighting or physical contact. A dimly-lit studio environment promotes focus within one’s own personal space. Because our coaches conduct the classes in the center of our circular bag layout, the participant will always have “eyes” on their coach. Space and proper technique is no longer an issue, as the client will always have someone to emulate. Our clients are likely to experience improvements in muscle tone (without bulking), lower stress level, enhanced cardiovascular endurance, improved coordination and self-confidence, core strength, bone and ligament strength, lower body fat percentage + so much more! 

Pepper Boxing classes are offered multiple times daily.

Our Studio


Dimmed lighting and thumping music set the intensity level and mood within the bag room. Individually numbered tear drop water filled heavy bags have been custom-built for the Pepper Boxing experience; one dedicated bag per client—no doubling up.

The heavy bags have been configured to create a circle with one bag in the middle. Your coach will be front and center to every participant. Our athletes will have the luxury of emulating their highly capable instructor over an inexperienced neighbor. “Your” individual space and privacy ensures the finest workout Nashville has to offer.

Our Heavy Bags


The heavy bag is the corner stone of the boxers training regime and the finest tool for toning muscles and elevating heart rate. Pepper Boxing has merged the modern construction of the tear drop water filled heavy bag with the vintage ideals behind its use. Each heavy bag weighs approximately 190 lbs and is constructed using heavy-duty material. Our bags offer greater shock absorption and less swinging to ensure the finest and safest user experience. 

Each heavy bag is numbered to allow for convenient booking.

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