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trainer pepper - Pepper Boxing

Alexander “Pepper” Kaufman

Founder | Boxing Coach | Private Training | Sparring

Why I Love Boxing:
Boxing is my great escape. It is my time to lose myself and tap in to something almost “savage”. When I train, I give myself the permission to think and feel without censorship. I am “me”, in its most rare and raw form.

My Class:
My wish is for my clients to have such an incredible experience, that they can’t help but tell everyone they know about it. I want to blend authenticity and charisma to give you a workout like nothing you’ve experienced before.

My Nickname:
I am the founder of PepperBoxing. Pepper originated as an acronym for Practical.Exercise.Personally.Planned.Equals.Results. My life’s work has been devoted to health and wellness. Allow me to add some spice to your training.

trainer chase - Pepper Boxing

Chase “Honey Badger” Pickett

Boxing Coach | Private Training

Why I Love Boxing:
Boxing is my push. My challenge. My connection to people. I’ve always been very competitive and grew up participating in team sports all the way through college. Boxing continues to push me to want more…to try harder…to keep that competitive edge and hungry mentality alive today. It’s challenging because it is essentially you against you. Nobody will make you show up to perform. It’s all on your shoulders.

My Class:
Have fun but lose yourself. Enjoy your time but don’t forget why you showed up. This class is not my time, it’s your time. It’s an opportunity to be better. It’s an opportunity to find new ways to push yourself, clear your mind, and learn an incredible sport in the process. My goal is to continue to push you, challenge you, and teach you new boxing techniques as often as possible. My goal is growth.

My Nickname:
The Honey Badger has obtained the reputation as one of the most savage, care free animals in the kingdom. He truly doesn’t give a crap! Boxing has a lot of stereotypes and creates a lot of walls for clients that have never participated in our group style classes. My goal is to break these barriers so that when you come to class you can be the most authentic, care free version of you as possible! Boxing is an escape and fun! Come to my class and leave the world at the door. It’s time to lose yourself.

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