Private Training


Private Training at Pepper Nashville

$5 First Class

Our signature 50 min group class combines weighted bar exercises, shadowboxing (no contact) and heavy bag combinations with intense training intervals led by professional instructors. All Classes are always Non Contact.

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Private Boxing Training

1-on-1 focused boxing training. 1 hour to hone your skills and improve on your technique. Clients will learn how to use mitts, the double end bag, the speed bag, improve on the heavy bag, learn footwork, and cover body weight movements such as jumping rope. 100% non contact.

Private Boxing Training – 1 Session = $65

Private Boxing Training – 5 Sessions = $300

Private Boxing Training – 10 Sessions = $550

Private Boxing Training – 20 Sessions = $1,000


1-on-1 focused boxing training + sparring with your coach. This is the final step in becoming a complete boxer. We will offer the same services as the 1-on-1 focused boxing training BUT, time will be allocated towards 3 to 6 rounds of sparring with your coach. Our athletes will have to exhibit proficiency in all aspects of “boxing” to be cleared for this final step. Instructors will always show self restraint and good sportsmanship, as these rounds are geared towards the clients development only.

Private Boxing Training + Sparring – 1 Session = $100

Private Boxing Training + Sparring – 5 Sessions = $475

Private Boxing Training + Sparring – 10 Sessions = $900

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$5 First Class

*Special Discount Included