Why More Women Are Adding Some Punch to Their Workouts

For a long time, the sport of boxing has been seen as a boys club. Many people consider it to be aggressive in nature, making men gravitate to the sport more often, and when we think of boxing, our minds go straight to people like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and Rocky. It makes sense that historically, many women have not added boxing to their fitness regimen, but this image is about to be shattered. 

In recent years, boxing is trending towards more and more women, professionally and in their daily workout routines. Boxing has proven to be an incredibly fun and ultra-effective way to work out, and the benefits for women are helping women reach their exercise and stress management goals like never before.

What Makes Boxing Such a Great Workout?

The secret can be found in one simple acronym – HIIT. High-intensity interval training (aka HIIT training) is pretty self-explanatory. It involves high intensity, short bursts of training, which are meant to get your heart pumping fast, therefore, burning more fat. The benefits of HIIT training include a faster metabolism, it’s a quick and convenient workout, and it can be done just about anywhere, which is perfect for a woman on the go. Adding HIIT style training to your daily cardio, or strength training workout will give you a more balanced exercise session. Strength training alone can make you look bulky but adding
HIIT will help to accelerate body fat loss and bikini style toning. Boxing definitely checks all the boxes for a HIIT workout, and it has women fitting the routine into their daily schedules like a glove.

A Complete Full Body Workout

One of the benefits of adding boxing to your daily fitness routine is the fact that it’s a full-body workout. Can you say that about most other popular workout routines? Many fitness classes focus on movements that only target legwork while others primarily involve body flexibility over strength. Boxing engages every part of your body, including your mind. Not only are you moving around quickly (hello cardio!), you are throwing punches and hitting bags, building your muscles. You also have to keep your balance, keep yourself coordinated, and be able to react quickly. How else would you rule the ring? 

The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Okay, so there might be some other major stress relievers out there, but until they make drinking wine at 10 o’clock AM on a weekday socially acceptable, boxing is an ideal stress reliever. It’s a known fact, well known to us, that hitting something can make just about any problem in your life disappear, at least for a little while. Everyone has stressors in their lives, some more than others, and women are no exception. Women may even deal with more stress on a daily basis. Taking one’s anger, or anxiety, or any other number of emotions, out on a bag or in the ring can help to take that stress away. According to a a study published in Neuropsyhcopharmacology, HIIT training releases endorphins, which help to relieve stress and boost happiness. 

Build Community and Accountability

Adding boxing to your daily workout routine means joining a community with other women doing the exact same thing. In boxing classes, women gave the opportunity to find peers who are struggling with the same stressors they are, and learning together how to fight those stressors. Women feel more empowered and encouraged when they see other women doing something new as well. This sense of community is important to a lot of women, and it gives them a reason to keep going back. Women don’t let other women give up. It’s one of the best parts of being a woman. 

A Workout You ACTUALLY Want to Do

Another benefit of boxing is that it’s a habit-forming workout that you want to do. Boxing is fun, up-tempo, and different enough to make you want to keep doing it. Boxing never gets boring because there’s always more to learn and more ways to incorporate it into your daily routine. Women can easily get stuck in a monotonous lifestyle, but adding an always changing workout to your life can keep things interesting. 

Women all over the world are adding boxing to their daily workout routines, and it is equipping them with a whole new skillset. Knowing how to properly throw a punch, and dodge a punch, is allowing women to know how to defend themselves, and the confidence that comes from this knowledge is so powerful. Boxing is giving women courage and empowerment like no other workout has before. And the added bonus of getting into fighting shape isn’t so bad either. 

What are you waiting for?

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